Friday, October 19, 2007

Apologia with an asterisk*

An apologia from the writer, editor, publisher, blogster-in-chief and webmaster of 4LAKids

I've given up on being the spell checker.

ASTERISK : the character * used in printing or writing as a reference mark, as an indication of the omission of letters or words, to denote a hypothetical or unattested linguistic form, or for various arbitrary meanings

Webster Online

Since 4LAKids first posting in March of '04 we haven't missed a weekly issue.

We've sent from Scotland, and Sacramento and Spain (It's an "S" thing) …but we've sent it.

We have sent from dial up modems on AOL because the big server was down.

Last week was no exception - though it merits a small asterisk. The Online Version was posted on the web alright (that would be here - as you can see it was posted on 12.37 PM on Saturday Oct 13) but the e-mail newsletter version - and that is 4LAKids claim to infamy - "I'll 'ave 'is Spam ..I luv it!" - got waylaid in the cosmos due to Queuing Error - whatever that is.

Worse things have happened - and will no doubt again! No one was hurt and the school district performed admirably in spite of the obvious dearth of sniping, raving and gnashing of teeth.

¡Onward/Hasta adelante! - smf