Tuesday, December 25, 2012

THE 12 DAYS: Production Notes

Tuesday 25•Dec•2012 ¡Happy Christmas!
12 Days Art
12 Days o' Christmas: Production Notes
A Holiday Production
Featuring a cast of 50,
….plus 23 birds,
5 props and set in a pear tree in December.

(You just know the director is going to want a real tree with pears and leaves!)

Production requirements, cast and etc.:

● A Partridge, perched
● Turtledoves (get a room you two!)
● Hens, au Francais
● Birds, sharing a calling plan
● Rings, Yellow Metal (5)
● Geese, Canadian by the looks of 'em.
● Swans, swimming
● Maids, milking
● Dancers, doing as they will
● Lords, leaping (to impress the dancers & milkmaids)
● Pipers, piping
● Drummers, drumming

AND IT CAME TO PASS IN THOSE DAYS and the angel said unto them: "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For thou art not the stage manager of this particular pageant!"

....the Producers girlfriend is a dancer …the bird wrangler’s car is broken down in Palmdale, ....the director will settle for an artificial tree, but the rings MUST be gold …and the business agent for the Amalgamated Milkmaids is on the line…

It can only get better – Happy 2013!

¡EverOnward/SiempreAdelante! - smf
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